FIGHTSTAR was created with a mission to offer premium branding and marketing services for fighters which allow you to be in control of your digital profiles and manage the direction you want to go in, in order to best make use of the commercial opportunities which your chosen combat sport offers you.
While fighters put their bodies on the line it’s important for them to know that their brand and website is working for them to get them the rewards they deserve.
Our ethos here is to provide fighters with solutions to the main problems they face, right from when they start out, to as they grow throughout their careers. Namely these are:
  • Attracting sponsorship
  • Selling fight tickets
  • Offering and selling merchandise
By working with FIGHTSTAR, you can achieve all of these things – get in touch with us today for more information.

Gyms & Clubs

As well as individual fighters, we also offer web, branding and marketing services to fighting gyms and clubs.